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Extra goodies for GEF

This is an open repository of external scripts and structures to be used by GEF. As GEF aims to stay a one-file battery-included plugin for GDB, it doesn't allow by nature to be extended with external Python library. GEF-Extras remediates that providing some more extensibility to GEF through:

  • more commands and functions
  • publicly shared structures for the pcustom command
  • more operating system support
  • more file format support

Quick start

The biggest requirement for GEF-Extras to work is of course GEF. Please refer to GEF documentation to have it set up (spoiler alert: it's pretty easy 😉). Once GEF is up and running, you can install GEF-Extras.

Automated installation

Execute and run the installation script from GEF repository.

wget -q -O- | sh

The script will download (via git) GEF-Extras, and set up your ~/.gef.rc file so that you can start straight away.

Refer to the installation page for more installation methods.


Through Pull-Requests

This repository is open for anyone to contribute! Simply drop a PR with the new command/function/feature. One thing to note, GEF and GEF-Extras have become what they are today thanks to an up-to-date documentation, so considering attaching a simple Markdown file to the docs folder explaining your update. IF your code is complex and/or requires further scrutiny, adding CI tests would also be asked during the review process of your PR.

For a complete rundown of the commands/functions GEF allows to use out of the box, check out GEF API page to start writing powerful GDB commands using GEF!

As a reward, your Github avatar will be immortalize in the list below of contributors to GEF-Extras


Feature requests

Well, that's ok! Just create an Issue explaining what cool feature/idea/command you had in mind! Even better, write the documentation (Markdown format) for your command. It'll make easier for people who wants to integrate it!


Sponsoring is another way to help projects to thrive. You can sponsor GEF and GEF-Extras by following this link.

Happy hacking 🍻