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Command gef config

gef reads its config from a file which is by default located at ~/.gef.rc, but which can also be specified via the GEF_RC environment variable. In addition, gef can also be configured at runtime with the gef config command.

To view all settings for all commands loaded:

gef➤  gef config


Or to get one setting value:

gef➤  gef config pcustom.struct_path

Of course you can edit the values. For example, if you want the screen to be cleared before displaying the current context when reaching a breakpoing:

gef➤  gef config context.clear_screen 1

To save the current settings for GEF to the file system to have those options persist across all your future GEF sessions, simply run:

gef➤  gef save
[+] Configuration saved to '/home/vagrant/.gef.rc'

Upon startup, if $GEF_RC points to an existing file, or otherwise if ${HOME}/.gef.rc exists, gef will automatically load its values.

To reload the settings during the session, just run:

gef➤  gef restore
[+] Configuration from '/home/hugsy/.gef.rc' restored

You can tweak this configuration file outside your gdb session to suit your needs.