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Command search-pattern

gef allows you to search for a specific pattern at runtime in all the segments of your process memory layout. The command search-pattern, alias grep, aims to be straight-forward to use:

gef➤  search-pattern MyPattern


It will provide an easily understandable to spot occurrences of the specified pattern, including the section it/they was/were found, and the permission associated to that section.

search-pattern can also be used to search for addresses. To do so, simply ensure that your pattern starts with 0x and is a valid hex address. For example:

gef➤  search-pattern 0x4005f6


The search-pattern command can also be used as a way to search for cross-references to an address. For this reason, the alias xref also points to the command search-pattern. Therefore the command above is equivalent to xref 0x4005f6 which makes it more intuitive to use.

Searching in a specific range

Sometimes, you may need to search for a very common pattern. To limit the search space, you can also specify an address range or the section to be checked.

gef➤  search-pattern 0x4005f6 little libc
gef➤  search-pattern 0x4005f6 little 0x603100-0x603200