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Configuring GEF

GEF comes with its own configuration and customization system, allowing fine tweaking. The configuration file is located under ~/.gef.rc by default, and is automatically loaded when GEF is loaded by GDB. If not configuration file is found, GEF will simply use the default settings.

The configuration file is a Python configparser. To create a basic file with all settings and their default values, simply run

gdb -ex 'gef save' -ex quit

You can now explore the configuration file under ~/.gef.rc.

Once in GEF, the configuration settings can be set/unset/modified by the command gef config. Without argument the command will simply dump all known settings:


To update, follow the syntax

gef➤  gef config <Module>.<ModuleSetting>  <Value>

Any setting updated this way will be specific to the current GDB session. To make permanent, use the following command

gef➤  gef save

Refer to the gef config command documentation for complete explanation.