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Command process-status

This command replaces the old commands pid and fd.

process-status provides an exhaustive description of the current running process, by extending the information provided by GDB info proc command, with all the information from the procfs structure.

gef➤ ps --smart-scan zsh
gef➤ attach 22879
gef➤ status
[+] Process Information
        PID  →  22879
        Executable  →  /bin/zsh
        Command line  →  '-zsh'
[+] Parent Process Information
        Parent PID  →  4475
        Command line  →  'tmux new -s cool vibe
[+] Children Process Information
        PID  →  26190 (Name: '/bin/sleep', CmdLine: 'sleep 100000')
[+] File Descriptors:
        /proc/22879/fd/0  →  /dev/pts/4
        /proc/22879/fd/1  →  /dev/pts/4
        /proc/22879/fd/2  →  /dev/pts/4
        /proc/22879/fd/10  →  /dev/pts/4
[+] File Descriptors:
        No TCP connections