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Command tmux-setup

In the purpose of always making debugging sessions easier while being more effective, GEF integrates two commands:

  • tmux-setup
  • screen-setup

Those commands will check whether GDB is being spawn from inside a tmux (resp. screen) session, and if so, will split the pane vertically, and configure the context to be redirected to the new pane, looking something like:


To set it up, simply enter

gef➤ tmux-setup

Note: Although screen-setup provides a similar setup, the structure of screen does not allow a very clean way to do this. Therefore, if possible, it would be recommended to use the tmux-setup command instead.

Possible color issues with tmux

On Linux tmux only supports 8 colors with some terminal capabilities ($TERM environment variable). This can mess up your color themes when using GEF with tmux. To remedy this if your terminal supports more colors you can either set the variable to something like TERM=screen-256color or if you don't want or can't change that variable you can start tmux with the -2 flag to force tmux to use 256 colors.