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Command highlight

This command sets up custom highlighting for user set strings.


highlight (add|remove|list|clear)


  • hl

Adding matches

The following will add 41414141/'AAAA' as yellow, and 42424242/'BBBB' as blue:

gef➤  hl add 41414141 yellow
gef➤  hl add 42424242 blue
gef➤  hl add AAAA yellow
gef➤  hl add BBBB blue

Removing matches

To remove a match, target it by the original string used, ex.:

gef➤  hl rm 41414141

Listing matches

To list all matches with their colors:

gef➤  hl list
41414141 | yellow
42424242 | blue
AAAA     | yellow
BBBB     | blue

Clearing all matches

To clear all matches currently setup:

gef➤  hl clear

RegEx support

RegEx support is disabled by default, this is done for performance reasons.

To enable regular expressions on text matches:

gef➤  gef config highlight.regex True

To check the current status:

gef➤  gef config highlight.regex
highlight.regex (bool) = True


NOTE: Adding many matches may slow down debugging while using GEF. This includes enabling RegEx support.


To find a list of supported colors, check the theme documentation.